Worth Services

WORTH Services is an Independent Domestic (IDVA) Service here to support people affected by domestic abuse in West Sussex. We are available 7 days a week 0900-1700hrs on the telephone Nos above.

Like most people you may have entered your relationship hoping it will last. Often abuse creeps into the relationship gradually. You stay put because you hope it will change and your partner is so sorry and loving. You have invested a lot into your relationship and it is hard to admit it is not all perfect.

As time goes on there will often be an increase in aggression or violence you may start to feel like you are walking on egg shells and can do nothing right. This is not your fault. Domestic abuse usually escalates and increases in frequency. You may be confused as to why this has happened. You may have started to imagine what life could be like if you left.

Leaving is the most dangerous time for you; your partner will want to regain control and may become unpredictable.